CF-Convention Compliance Checker for NetCDF Format

This form allows you to run the '' script to check that the contents of a NetCDF file comply with the Climate and Forecasts (CF) Metadata Convention. The CF-checker was developed at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, UK Met Office by Rosalyn Hatcher. This work was supported by PRISM (PRogramme for Integrated Earth System Modelling).

Development and maintenance for the CF-checker has now been taken over by the NCAS Computational Modelling Services (NCAS-CMS). If you have suggestions for improvement then please e-mail Rosalyn Hatcher at NCAS-CMS (

To check your file, please use the drop down menu to select the version of the CF conventions to check against, enter the file name in the box below then press Check file. You can use the Browse... button to help you select the file.

For details of the NetCDF format and the CF Convention go to the NetCDF format page or the CF Convention page.

There are some requirements of the convention that it is difficult or impossible to implement in the Checker. A list of aspects which the checker doesn't check can be found here.

** 30th January 2017 **

CF Checker v3.0.0 available for testing

A new version of the CF checker is available for testing at:
This version contains major changes to:
  • Rewrite to use netcdf4-python instead of CDAT/cdms
  • Use cfcunits rather than ctypes directly to interface to udunits

Please report any problems to (

Check against CF version: