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This is the home of NCAS NEMO/CICE development working in collaboration with the Met Office. For a general description of the NEMO/CICE repository layout see general description of the NEMO/CICE repository.

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  1. Introduction to NEMO and CICE with the UM
  2. Running NEMO and CICE through the UMUI
  3. FCM help
  4. Further information
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Automatic updates to the NEMO/CICE code trunks are performed every Monday morning, this keeps the repository trunks in line with Paris and Los Alamos.

Introduction to NEMO and CICE with the UM

NEMO and CICE are the ocean and sea-ice models adopted by the Met Office as part of the Unified Model from version 7.1. They are run through the UMUI, using the FCM code management system. NEMO and CICE are held in separate repositories to the UM code, however the run scripts are held in the UM repository, so it needs to be extracted alongside the NEMO/CICE code. NEMO and CICE can be run individually, together or fully coupled to the UM atmosphere model.

NEMO and CICE are controlled through namelist files which should be stored and edited on HECToR. Only a few of these options can be overwritten by the UMUI; these include the run length, start date and control of resubmission. To control output frequency it is necessary to edit the namelist file directly. Certain options can also be controlled through the use of pre-processor keys. These are set in the FPP keys file held on puma. The running NEMO guide explains how to set up a NEMO job in the UMUI. For more information on the NEMO code, pre-processor keys and namelist values see the NEMO webpages.

Note that unlike the old UM ocean model, both NEMO and CICE need to have the parallel domain decomposition set at compile-time. That means that to change the processor configuration, the model must be recompiled.

Running NEMO and CICE through the UMUI

Getting started:

FCM help

FCM documentation:

The user guide includes a tutorial that you should work through if you are unfamiliar with FCM.
A trac system has been set up for use with the tutorial where you can practice using tickets and branches without interfering with the UM or NEMO repositories:

UM documentation:

Further information

How to guides:

External links:

Other documentation

Some of this information is out of date.

Instructions for UM version 7.1.

Running NEMO outside the UMUI

Old pages

Code Management Structure


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