Getting Started: Setting Up Your Environment

  • Configure your editor for Subversion

When you attempt to create a branch or commit changes to the repository, you will be prompted to edit your commit log message using a text editor. You can specify which editor the system uses by setting the environment variable SVN_EDITOR. (Note: the editor you specify must be able to run in the foreground)

For example, you can add one of the following to your $HOME/.kshrc file on PUMA.

# NEdit
export SVN_EDITOR='nedit'

# vi
export SVN_EDITOR='xterm -e vi'

# Emacs
export SVN_EDITOR=emacs

ARCHER specific points

  • You must have ssh-agent set up to use ssh-keys to login from PUMA to ARCHER. To set this up see notes on setting up ssh-agent
  • You will need to set a variable TARGET_MC in your .profile on ARCHER to allow the system to pick up the correct modules for the compiler you are using.

Set the following environment variable in your .profile on ARCHER as a switch


will give you access to the quad core optimised UM under the Cray compiler.

MONSooN specific points

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