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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#17 Install UM vn6.6 Code new task normal General
#18 Importing patches for vn7.0 and vn7.1 new task normal General
#20 Set-up Tutorial for vn7.0 accepted task normal General
#28 Setup Tutorial for vn7.1 accepted task normal General
#30 Test assigned defect normal Atmosphere
#101 Tidy up of ros' branches new defect normal Atmosphere
#102 Setup tutorial for UM7.8 new task normal General
#2 Set up NCAS branch for ADMIN project. accepted task major General
#3 Setup for UM Tutorial (Beta version) new task major General
#4 Source Code bugs discovered during setting up of Tutorial accepted defect major General
#7 Error when creating new branch accepted defect major General
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