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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#30 Test assigned ros normal Atmosphere
#36 Test of Branch create assigned elsd normal Atmosphere
#39 RH summary of the changes assigned rene normal vn7.0 Training General
#49 change to amaxsize new normal Atmosphere
#87 adding contrail branch to vn7.3 accepted alexrap normal Atmosphere
#100 Base extract failed FCM_MAIN stopped with return code 25 new normal Atmosphere
#101 Tidy up of ros' branches new ros normal Atmosphere
#147 Plant co2 branch new normal Atmosphere
#148 Plant co2 branch new emily normal Atmosphere
#154 Incomplete FCM Download for Version 8.4 new normal Atmosphere
#166 Second Branch download accepted pliojop normal Atmosphere
#173 New ticket practice assigned ggxmy normal vn8.2 Training Atmosphere
#179 ARCHER account / budget issue? new normal General
#181 Problem running UM/UM-UKCA jobs new normal General
#198 create_a_ticket accepted michmcr normal Atmosphere
#222 Example1 Branch Creation Colfescu new normal Atmosphere
#228 second example of UM training accepted christina824 normal vn8.2 Training General
#249 Add tracer 2 new normal Atmosphere
#268 UKCA Tutorial fail to run new normal vn8.2 Training Atmosphere
#277 creat branch for UKCA training course new normal Atmosphere
#280 Remove problematic print statement in land surface new normal Atmosphere
#281 Run solar insolation at perpertual solstice. new normal Atmosphere
#135 ukca beta test tutorial new lowest vn8.2 Training Atmosphere
#4 Source Code bugs discovered during setting up of Tutorial accepted ros major General
#7 Error when creating new branch accepted ros major General
#10 my test branch new trivial vn7.0 Training Atmosphere
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