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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#2 Set up NCAS branch for ADMIN project. accepted ros major General
#20 Set-up Tutorial for vn7.0 accepted ros normal General
#28 Setup Tutorial for vn7.1 accepted ros normal General
#44 aerosol activation branch at VN7.3 for MONSooN accepted rosalindwest normal Atmosphere
#69 FCM tutorial accepted sws04jc normal vn7.1 Training General
#83 Prevent cold pool formation accepted raw88 normal Atmosphere
#89 Minimise effect of convection on surface convergence accepted raw88 normal Atmosphere
#132 Fix roughness length accepted raw88 normal Atmosphere
#153 Creating A Workign Branch accepted pliojop normal General
#3 Setup for UM Tutorial (Beta version) new ros major General
#8 Setup UM Tutorial vn7.0 (QESM) new major General
#17 Install UM vn6.6 Code new ros normal General
#18 Importing patches for vn7.0 and vn7.1 new ros normal General
#46 SVN Repositories new normal Atmosphere
#78 Print diagnostics for theta budget new normal Atmosphere
#79 Heat budget new normal Atmosphere
#81 LNER test suppression for vn7.6 new normal Atmosphere
#90 Set z0m_land equal z0m_sea new normal Atmosphere
#92 Reduce land-sea temperature contrast new raw88 normal Atmosphere
#102 Setup tutorial for UM7.8 new ros normal General
#111 Setup tutorial for vn8.2 new normal General
#113 Idealised UM setup with bubble perturbation new normal Atmosphere
#124 No time in budget n02-chem new normal Atmosphere
#127 UKCA ancillary emissions file new normal Atmosphere
#162 Update web pages to remove mentions of hector new normal Atmosphere
#169 UKCA Tutorial new tracers new normal Atmosphere
#211 UKCA Tutorial. Add 2 new tracers new normal vn8.2 Training Atmosphere
#279 Adding new tracers-Tutorial 4 NCAS UK-CA training new normal vn8.2 Training Atmosphere
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