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Incomplete FCM Download for Version 8.4

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I'm working on a project to add Oxygen isotopes to HadGEM3, and have been investigating the key variables that need generating within the boundary layer code initially.

The FCM version I have checked out to PUMA (/home/pliojop/FCM/vn8.4_isotopes_branch/) is missing a number of key files, the exact number I am unsure of, but I am aware of files such as


that I have in the vn8.2 repository I checked out in the FCM tutorial into


are not present in


I followed the FCM tutorial to checkout the /home/pliojop/FCM/vn8.2_pope_tutorial repository and then followed the next steps edits to checkout /home/pliojop/FCM/vn8.4_isotopes_branch

I am new to FCM, so am aware I may have made a goof somewhere, but it appears that the checkout is not bringing all the vn8.4 files out of the repository, as they are brought out for vn8.2.

Any help much appreciated,


James Pope

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