Welcome to the UM FCM Tutorial repository

The UM FCM Tutorial contains a direct copy of the current UM project. It is to be used in conjunction with the UM FCM tutorial for training purposes only. It is here for you to try things out without any risk of wrecking the live UM system.

UM Tutorial

The aim of the tutorial is to introduce you to working with the UM code management system, FCM (Flexible Configuration Management). It will guide you through running a job and how to edit the source code. The tutorial is not an introduction to the UMUI or the UM and hence does assume some level of knowledge. If you are completely new to the UM and UMUI then you can find some general UM training material on the NCAS-CMS website, including a tour through the basics of the UMUI. NCAS-CMS organise UM Introduction courses several times a year to introduce new Unified Model users to the UM modelling infrastructure for UK researchers. Please email cms-support@… to find out when the next one is being held.

A 2 page overview of FCM can be found here, and it is suggested that you read this before working through the tutorial.

This Tutorial consists of the following sections:

Advanced section on resolving conflicts (not part of the UM Introduction Course)

FCM Hints and Tips

Next Steps

You've completed the tutorial. Now you want to know how to move to the live UM repository? The NextSteps document tells you all you need to know (I hope!)

If you encounter any problems going through the Tutorial please take a look at the UM FAQ where you will find answers to many of the common problems.

The UM Tutorial is based on that which is used at the Met Office.

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