Moving from the Tutorial Repository to the real UM Repository

Hopefully after completing the UM Tutorial you will have enough understanding to be able to create branches, make modifications and use them in a UM run.

Everything that you have done in the Tutorial is exactly the same in the real UM Repository. The first version available in the real UM repository is vn7.1. To use a different version of the UM just substitute version numbers (e.g for UM7.6 use vn7.6). The only other things you need to do prior to using the real Repository are:

  • The FCM URLs are fcm:um, fcm:um_br instead of fcm:um_tutorial and fcm:um_tutorial_br respectively.
  • Remember, the first time you create a branch you will need to supply the options --password "" to allow subversion to authenticate you.
  • You will need to change to source the .umsetvars script corresponding to the UM version you will be using e.g. .umsetvars_8.2

On ARCHER modify your .profile so that it loads the UM environment variables. Log onto ARCHER and edit your .profile to include the following lines

UMSETUP=/work/n02/n02/hum/vn8.2/cce/scripts/.umsetvars_8.2; export UMSETUP
if [ -f $UMSETUP ]
. $UMSETUP # set up UM environment variables

Ensure you comment out any lines that load other versions of .umsetvars_x.x

  • If you intend to run the NEMO ocean model you'll also need to load the NetCDF libraries

On ARCHER edit your .profile to include the following lines

module load cray-netcdf
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